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From draft to proof, from free to literal:
your document?

You do not read a website (or write it) the way you write a novel, and an annual report is more than just a big leaflet. Every document demands a  specific style ... and that needs to be preserved in the translation too. 
As a rule, more stringent standards apply to documents intended for publication than to documents for internal use, certainly when this is on a small scale. 

We do not give original advertisements or exciting speeches to a translator who spends his days meticulously working through standard terms and conditions. Making a translation as arresting as the original demands a creative approach and it is better to call this adaptation or transcreation. However, it is not always wrong to deliver a literal translation – ask any sworn translator. It all depends on the type of document. 


  • Every document has its own style (even a birth certificate), and so does every translator 
  • Purpose: for information use internally, or for publication?
  • Whether it is a free translation or a literal translation, you always get the same unique quality guarantee
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Because your documents are our documents!