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  • Your full service language partner

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It goes without saying that translation agency has a comprehensive knowledge of text processing. But it doesn't end there: can deal with every aspect of print-ready and online layout. Using My you can send us almost any file format. You will receive the file back from us in a different language but with identical lay-out. 

  • Commercial printed materials in InDesign
  • Presentations (including animations) in PowerPoint
  • Technical documentation in FrameMaker or XML
  • Websites in ASP, HTML, CMS


Would you like to have your website copied into Word, translated and the translation sent to your web designer? Or do you want the same thing to be done to your leaflets so the layout can be done "on the Mac" (i.e. in InDesign) by your advertising agency? These options are all possible, but represent a waste of time and money ... and errors will creep in. In many cases, all the effort that went into producing a good translation is wasted due to mistakes at a later stage in the printing process.

Repeatedly sending proofs backwards and forwards between the translation agency and the layout agency should be avoided. Translation agency is one of the few companies that has the hardware, software and above all the necessary know-how to produce print-ready copy in multiple languages. That can take a lot of work off your hands!

If you are planning a multilingual catalogue or want an annual report printed in multiple languages, do not take a risk – just use for the whole package. 

  • We finalise the layout in the source language before translating. 
  • Then we import the files together with the layout into our translation system and replace the text in those files with the best translation semi-automatically. 
  • Depending on the complexity of the layout, we can save up to 50% of the time that would be involved in manual cutting and pasting. 
  • The more languages, the better the value.